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A change of scenery

Not sure how confirmed this is… but word on the web analytics street is that the on-premises version of WebTrends and all versions of IBM NetInsight are done for. End of lifed. Sunsetted.

What we have here is an official change of scenery in on-premises enterprise web analytics. Not a surprising one. Not one we didn’t see coming, but it’s here.

NetInsight was a hell of a tool. Flexibility, extensibility… but it sure had its issues. I have a close eye on Celebrus as the closest match for a replacement for the traditional large scale enterprise using NetInsight. On the smaller or SaaS friendly end, there are a lot of options. Adobe and IBM are great, despite the confrontational demeanor I’ve been exhibiting when hyping up “track everything”. Google’s great too, and WebTrends has their SaaS product. But NetInsight… oh how I will miss you, one day.

I look forward to working with folks as they plan next steps or try to squeeze whatever they can out of the system as it stands.

There will be a change of scenery here, as well… I’ve got to spruce up the pages that have been here since the site launched. I should also probably consider not focusing on NetInsight contracting, seeing as the product is dead and everything! Ouch!

  • http://BullishData.com/ ReevesJB

    Consider it confirmed. NetInsight On-Premise (and On-Demand) have been end-of-market-ed. We announced the EOM in April, and it’ll be effective in August. Service will continue through Q3 2017, if I remember correctly.

    Jump into the SaaS world! The water’s fine. :)

  • Chris Olenik

    If IBM invested in NetInsight instead of Core, I wonder if they would have made a dent into the marketshare of OMTR and GA.

    • toddbdac

      I wonder a lot of things! At the time, though not a fan of the Core technology versus the open architecture that sold me on NetInsight… I got why there was focus on SaaS. Should it have been either/or? Tough. NetInsight, for all of its ideals, was already a shell of what it could have been.